Our college held a cross -examination guidance meeting in the undergraduate education and teaching school

Social College    Release time: April 03, 2024

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 In order to further regulate undergraduate education and teaching,Improve the level of undergraduate teaching,Deployment of the School Academic Affairs Office,2024year4month3Day,Professor Zhang Guangyong, Dean of the School of Foreign Languages, led a team,Two school -level teaching supervision and one group of three people went to our college to conduct undergraduate education teaching cross -examination guidance。The inspection and guidance group is positioned from the college、Features condensed、Teaching archives improvement and other aspects proposed constructive opinions。

 The meeting was chaired by Li Li, the party secretary of the college,Vice Dean Professor Wei Song、Undergraduate Teaching Secretary Tian Xianhui Teacher、Director of the Department of Sociology Professor Kang Hongmei、Director of the Department of Social Work, Associate Professor Yang Shengyong attended。

The picture shows the inspection and exchange site of undergraduate education teaching materials

First instance: Luan Riying

Second Trial: Wei Song

Final Appeal: Li Li