The School of Social Sciences conducts a special lecture on employment guidance in 2024

Academy of Social College    Release time: April 13, 2024

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To further do the employment of employment in 2024 graduates,Strengthen the guidance and help of students' employment,Improve the employment ability of students of the Social College,Help students determine effective career development goals,April 12, 2024,The School of Social College successfully held the 2024 Employment Guidance Lecture at the Northern Campus of the Northern Campus of Guizhou University for Nationalities。This lecture was lectured by Mr. Tan Xiong, Guizhou Donghui Education Technology Co., Ltd.,Secretary of the Party Committee Li Li、Deputy Dean Wei Song、Counselor Wenqin and 2024 graduates participated in this event。

Lecture scene

First,Teacher Tan's college graduate data for nearly two years compares with the 2001 graduate data,Analysis of the current status of the current employment of college students for students,Analysis of employment status from both favorable factors and disadvantages,Make students a sober understanding of the current employment situation。Then Teacher Tan mainly from the postgraduate entrance examination、Test civil servants and public institutions、Entering state -owned enterprises and private enterprises、Dangdian and start -ups: most graduatesThe main employment direction of the main employment analysis was analyzed in detail.

Students analyze their own experience on the spot

Second, TanTeacher tells the production and precautions of the resume in combination with the humorous language combined with specific cases、Tips for participating in recruitment written tests and interviews。To better meet the needs of graduates for the 2024 provincial examination interviews and other institutions interviews,Teacher Tan specially practiced expression、Practice accumulation、Three aspects of practicing skin in detail introduced interview skills,DeliveryExplanation allows students to learn valuable experience in life and successful employment in addition to joy。

Exchange interactive scene

After the lecture is over,Teacher Tan and his classmates exchanged the confusion and problems encountered in the current employment。At the same time,Teacher Tan also pointed out,Participate in the provincial test、The exam of the public institution is a good career choice,But I hope that students can know more、Thinking more,Have a clear cognition and positioning of your ability,Careful career plan,Strive to find a job that suits you,to achieve your own professional goals and life value。

Graphic Draft: Li Fei Long Ting Yin Xinglin