College of Social College Hoster Holding Graduate Employment Job Fair

Academy of Social College    Release time: April 21, 2024

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To allow students to better understand the employer,Promote employment of graduates,3 pm on April 15th,Hostering in the D406 classroom of the Social College, holding Guizhou Three Society Stability Risk Evaluation and Consultation Co., Ltd. Special Recruitment Fair。This job fair is mainly for the 2024 graduates of the college,Leadership of the Social College,Director of various departments、Counselor、Graduate class teacher participates in this event。


RecruitmentCommunicate with the leaders of the unitLive

First,job fair scene,The person in charge of the stable risk assessment and consultation Co., Ltd. of Guizhou Three Society introduced the company's development in detail、Corporate culture、Organizational structure、Welfare benefits, application process, etc.。Subsequent,Vice Dean of Guizhou University for Nationalities, Wei Song, introduced the basic situation of the college and sociology、Employment advantages of students in social work,And expressed a warm welcome and heartfelt thanks for the arrival of the stable risk assessment and consulting Co., Ltd. of Guizhou Three Society。Second,The dean of the college Bao Zhiming expressed his hope that both parties and enterprises will be in talent transport、Internship practice、Volunteer services and other multi -level、Deepen cooperation in multiple fields,Implementing employers、School、Graduate mutual benefit and win -win。Last,Students are salary、Employment position、Promotion space, etc., conducted in -depth exchanges with the person in charge of the company。  

job fair scene

    The holding of this job fair,Learn for both graduates and employers in both directions、Effective docking has played a positive role。Participating graduates have expressed,Through this activity,Deepen the understanding of professional and market demand,benefit a lot。


   Graphic Draft: Long Ting  Li Fei

Preliminary review: Zhao Yuanliang

Second Trial: Wei Song

Third trial: Li Li