The School of Social Sciences conducts 2024 graduation student school enterprise conferences

Academy of Social College    Release time: April 21, 2024

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To enable graduates to get better employment opportunities and development platforms,Our hospital held a graduate negotiation meeting with Guangdong Xinjincheng Ceramics Group Co., Ltd.,This event aims to set up a platform for graduates to build a platform for communication with enterprises,Promote school -enterprise cooperation、Win -win development。The main participants are the deputy dean of the college Wei Song,Director of the Department of Sociology Kang Hongmei,Director of the Department of Social Work Yang Shengyong,College counselor Wenqin teacher and graduate。

Conference scene

This meeting is not just a communication between schools and enterprises,It is a resource sharing、A win -win grand event。Employment policy for both parties、job requirements、Salary and other aspects, in -depth exchanges and discussions。Corporate representatives actively listen to the needs and expectations of graduates,Provide them with rich employment positions and development opportunities。At the same time,The college also provides enterprises with an excellent graduate resource library,Help companies better recruit talents、Enhancement of competitiveness。

 The negotiation process

At the scene of the meeting,The representative of Guangdong Xinjincheng Ceramics Group Co., Ltd. introduced the development of the group、Corporate Culture、Organizational architecture、Welfare benefits, etc.。Second,At the scene of the meeting,The leaders of our college and their graduates actively communicate with the recruitment unit,Ask relevant questions,Guangdong Xinjincheng Ceramics Group Co., Ltd. representatives also asked the relevant questions to answer patiently。At the same time,The teachers who came to the venue in our college also actively understood the employment needs and application intentions of graduates,Make precious suggestions for students。

Through this form,Graduates have a clearer understanding of the company’s development trend,Launch a solid foundation for your future plan。Our hospital hopes to pass such a school -enterprise negotiation,Not only does it help graduates to employment smoothly,More in -depth cooperation between schools and enterprises,Jointly promote talent training and industrial development,Contribute to socio -economic development。

Graphic Draft: Li Fei Yin Xinglin Long Ting

Preliminary review: Zhao Yuanliang

Second Trial: Wei Song

Third trial: Li Li