Our Academy Organization Social Work Association went to Guiyang "Love Home" to visit

Academy of Social College    Release time: April 24, 2024

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 To promote our hospitalStudents' understanding and understanding of autism,Improve students' attention and support for autism groups。April 19Day,"MSW Education Center" Director Yang Shengyong organized the Guizhou National University "Social Work Association "memberGoing to Guiyang's "Love Homeland" autism institution for a deep visit activity。This visit not only enriches the practical experience of students in social work,It also improved the students' understanding of autism groups and related services。

Figure 1 Guiyang Love Homeland Autism Agency Exchange Live

 First,President Zhao Xinling, the autistic home of the love home, introduced the situation of the institutional autism group,Demonstrate the purpose of the self -closed institution of love home,and the development status of institutions in recent years。Follow it,President Zhao led the various types of honors and social commendations that our teachers and students visited by our college,At the same time, it shows the handmade products from the agency's autism group。

Figure 2 Visit the autistic group handmade products

 Secondly, President Zhao Xiang Xiang during the visitsEveryone popularized the relevant information of autism,She said: "The probability of the onset of autism in China is 1 of every 75 people.,But the probability of autism is random,Therefore, the entire society、The country should bear certainSocial Responsibility,Follow the autistic group,Let them integrate in society fairly and fairly。"Everyone is thinking while gaining knowledge。

 Finally,President Zhao said,Since the epidemic occurred,The regrets that they cannot go to universities to preach autistic knowledge。After communicating with MSW Education Center Yang Shengyong,I hope that I will invite President Zhao to our hospital to conduct an autism knowledge preaching activity in the near future。

Figure 3 A portrait of the teachers and students of our college and the autistic institution of love homeland

   Graphic Draft: Zhang Hanqi, Rao Yi

Preliminary review: Zhao Yuanliang

Second Trial: Wei Song

Third trial: Li Li