[Essay notice] The Chinese Society of Social Society 2023 Academic Annual Conference "Modernization of Human: Mind、Study of Mental and National Research "Sub -Forum

College of Social Sciences    Release time: May 20, 2023

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colleagues in the academic circles:

The Chinese Social Society plans to hold an academic annual meeting with the theme of "Chinese -style Modernization and Chinese Sociology" as the theme from July 7 to 9, 2023。Approved by the Academic Annual Meeting,Establish a sub -forum "Modernization of Human: Mind、Study of mentality and nationality "。This forum is sponsored by the Social Psychology Professional Committee of the Chinese Social Society,Guizhou National University Socialion School、Nanjing University Social College、Department of Sociology, Peking University、The Department of Social Psychology, Nankai University。

Modernization is a hot spot for attention from all walks of life,It is also one of the classic themes of social psychology research,Especially the modernization of people。This forum revolves around this theme,From the perspective of social psychology,Discussion in the process of building a socialist modern power,Some problems and phenomena we need to pay attention to。Specifically,This forum will set up the following topics:

1.Discuss the modernization of people from the perspective of social psychology,and related localization research;

2.The development of individual soul habits in the process of modernization of Chinese -style;

3.The formation and change of social mentality in the process of modernization of Chinese -style;

4.National research in the process of modernization in China

5.Other related issues.

The forum is now collecting academic papers for colleagues in the academic circles nationwide,and invite you to participate in the discussion。

I. Forum issues

Contributors can formulate specific thesis questions according to the topic。The organizer of the forum will determine the representative of the meeting and speech based on the quality of the paper,Reported to the Secretariat of the Chinese Social Society to issue a formal invitation letter。

2. Forum time, place, person in charge, contact

1. Date: July 8, 2023.

The specific time of the forum is arranged by the annual organizing committee

2. Responsible person: Lu Yunfeng Guan Jian Geng Liu Na

3. Contact: Chen Changkai

3, thesis contribution requirements and academic specifications

1. Participating papers must be an article that has not been officially published,Outstanding people can recommend participating in the Outstanding Paper Selection of the Chinese Society of Social Society。Each paper can only be delivered to a forum。It is strictly forbidden to submit more submissions;

2. The homepage of the manuscript should include the following information: article title、Author's name、Unit、Title、Contact number、Mailing address、Email address;

3. The second page of the manuscript should include the following information: article title、Chinese Abstract,No more than 200 words、3-5 Chinese keywords、English title、Chinese Pinyin、English Abstract,No more than 150 words,English keywords;

4. For other format requirements, please refer to "Sociology Research";

5. The papers are suitable for 8000-20000 words。

4. The time and method of submission of thesis

1. The full text and return of the paper, please send it to: socialpsycsa@nju.edu.cn before June 10, 2023 (Appendix 1);

2. Please submit it in the form of an A4 paper page electronic text (please use Word document as an attachment,Mail and document themes, please name the "Annual Meeting Essay+Author's Name");

3. We will send a meeting invitation letter to the officials who are officially confirmed。

                                              The Social Psychology Professional Committee of the Chinese Society of Social Society

Nanjing University Social College

Department of Sociology, Peking University

Department of Social Psychology, Nankai University

April 27, 2023