Guizhou University of Ethnic University Social College 2024 Master's graduate re -examination results and plan to be admitted to the list

Academy of Social College    Release time: April 08, 2024

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Guizhou National University Socialion School2024Year of the Master's GraduateRe -test results andDrawing list

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2024 Master Graduate Candidates:

Guizhou National University Socialion School2024Annual Master's Graduate Student's admission list has been statistics, and now it is given public announcement(see attachment)

Candidates who enter the proposed admission list shall conduct physical examinations in the second and above hospitals in accordance with the requirements of the school,Scan the medical examination report after the medical examinationPDF document (document nameName+Application major+Candidate number),LatestYu2024yearApril 29DayEmployment to the corresponding designated mailbox(;Social For the rest, please follow the official website of our college.

Reminder:Please keep the original medical examination report for the original,You need to submit to the college when entering the school。

Guizhou National University Socialion School



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