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Introduction to the College

    Guizhou National University Sociology Discipline and Social College

    Construction of Sociology of Guizhou National University,It can be traced back to the end of the 1980s。June 1988,Guizhou University for Establishment Sociology,It is the first batch of sociological majors established after the reconstruction of sociology in my country,Is Shanghai University、Sun Yat -sen University、The 11th Sociology Undergraduate Major, established after ten universities including Peking University and Nankai University,It was also the only sociology professional point in the western region of my country at that time。The establishment of the predecessor of Guizhou University for Nationalities University is closely related to Mr. Fei Xiaotong, a famous sociologist in my country。1950,Mr. Fei Xiaotong and the then deputy director of the Guizhou Provincial Ethnic Affairs Committee, Mr. Obaichuan, jointly proposed to create Guizhou National College。After the official establishment of the Guizhou National College in 1951,After more than 70 years of wind and rain,Today's Guizhou University for Nationalities has developed into a key university in Guizhou Province、The Guizhou Provincial People's Government and the National Civil Committee jointly build universities,and in academic research、Talent training and discipline construction have achieved remarkable achievements,Become a glorious cultural education "Pearl"。And Mr. Fei Xiaotong's life -threatening discipline has also become the key discipline and foundation of the Guizhou National University today。

    Since the establishment of sociology in 1988,Especially after entering the 21st century,Sociology Discipline of Guizhou National University has achieved rapid development。2002 Sociology Discipline was identified as a key school -level discipline; in 2003, a social work major was established and enrolled in 2006;,In the same year, the Sociology Discipline was approved by the Provincial Department of Education as a provincial key discipline; in 2008 Degree authorization point; in 2012, the sociology major was approved to establish a doctorate point for the establishment of the "Special Demand Training Project for Demand for National Special Demand Demand",Start recruiting and cultivating doctoral students in sociology,Realized a breakthrough in the recruitment of PhDs in Guizhou Province; in 2017, the subject of sociology was selected as a first -class discipline in Guizhou Province,Sociology major is approved as a first -class major in Guizhou Province; in 2019 ; The "Sociology Professional Virtual Teaching and Research Room" declared in 2021 passed the review of the Ministry of Education。

    Guizhou University for Nationalities attaches great importance to the development of the discipline of sociology and the construction of software and hardware in the School of Social Sciences。October 2021,School Integration of Teachers and Disciplinary Resources of the School,and equipped with 15,000 square meters of teaching office buildings and 400 "group learning lecture halls" academic lecture hall,Make its teaching office conditions among the best in similar institutions at home and abroad。The school attaches great importance to the introduction of high -end talents。Since 2021,The school introduces Bao Zhiming through full -time、Hao Yaming、Fanke、Ruan Ji and other talents,and the introduction of Zhou Xiaohong by flexibility or branches、Zhou Yi、Lu Yunfeng and other scholars,Make the teachers of the Social College further strengthened。

    Current,58 faculty and staff of the School of Social College,Among them, 3 special professors,19 people with full -time professors (of which,14 doctoral supervisors),16 associate professors,Lecturer 11 people,9 full -time administrative staff。Among the full -time full -time teachers,There is a Yangtze River scholar with the Ministry of Education、Enjoy expert special allowance experts in the State Council、Member of the Sociology Professional Teaching Guidance Committee of the Ministry of Education、Executive Director of the Chinese Social Society、Vice President of the Chinese Society of Anthropology、Vice President of the World Society of China、President of the Environmental Sociology Professional Committee of the Chinese Society of Social Society、Vice Chairman of the Professional Committee of the Chinese Society of Social Society、Member of the Sociology Expert Committee of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences、The first batch of "Ethnic Issues Research Outstanding Middle -aged and Young Experts"、Member of the Expert Committee of the China National Unity and Progressive Association。

    There are two departments, one center and three research institutes under the School of Socialion: Department of Sociology、Social Work Department、MSW Education Center、Institute of Social Culture Anthropology、Folk Studies and Anti -Heritage Institute、Institute of Social Governance and Social Policy。In addition,The School Fei Xiaotong Social Research Center、Chinese National Community Community Research Institute、The Academy of Social Development Institute is at the School of Social Sciences。Academy of Social Sciences Existing Sociology、Two undergraduate majors in social work,There are 321 undergraduate students in the school; the existing master's degree authorization point of the first -level subject of sociology and the master's degree authorization point of the Master of Social Work (MSW),206 graduate students at school (including 3 international students); doctoral point of doctoral point with a sociology "serving the national special needs for doctoral talent training programs",167 doctoral students at school (including 16 international students)。

    Guizhou University,Integrate teachers of other colleges in the school to work in sociological research, formed a strong strength、Sociology first -level discipline team with a certain scale。Since 2018,Members of this subject team in "Chinese Social Sciences", "Sociology Research", "Ethnic Research", "Political Science Research", "Social Development Research", "Academic Monthly", "Opening Times", "Folklore Research", "China Quarterly", "Journal" Academic journals such as of contemporary China、"People's Daily" and "Guangming Daily" and other newspapers and publications published more than 400 papers,Published more than 40 academic works; presided over more than 180 items of various projects,Where,118 scientific research projects at the provincial and ministerial level (including 4 major items、28 National Social Science Fund projects, including 5 key projects); 41 items of scientific research awards from provincial and ministerial levels and above。

    Discipline of Sociology at Guizhou University for Nationalities,According to the needs of the social and economic development of the region and the research specialty and research accumulation of team members,Establishing sociology、Anthropology and National Sociology、Folklore、Social governance and social work 4 second -level disciplines。Applied sociology secondary discipline with environmental sociology、Immigration Sociology、Tourism Sociology、Organization sociology, as the main research direction,Ecological environment and governance in the ethnic area、Ethical ethnic minority poverty alleviation relocation and ecological immigration、Tourism Development and Rural Revitalization of Minority Villages、Enterprise organizations in the ethnic area formed characteristics and advantages;、Chinese nation community、Social culture of the ethnic area is the main research direction,In the southwestern region of all ethnic groups, exchanges and exchanges、Historical conditions and social foundations of the consciousness of the Chinese nation community、Social and cultural fields in the Southwest Ethnic Region and other research areas formed characteristics and advantages; Folklore Studies II Disciplines with Intangible Cultural Heritage、folk beliefs、Cultural resources and cultural industries are the main research directions,Intangible cultural heritage in ethnic areas in the Southwest region、folk beliefs、Research fields such as the cultural industry have formed characteristics and advantages; second -level disciplines of social governance and social work are rural social governance、Social Security and Social Welfare、National social work, etc. as the main research direction,Rural social governance in the Southwest Ethnic Area、Social Security and Social Welfare、Research fields such as ethnic areas and minority social work have formed characteristics and advantages。

    In the process of promoting the modernization of Chinese -style,Guizhou University of Nationalities University Social College serving the country's major strategy and the needs of the social and economic development of the region,While continuing to maintain its own characteristics and advantages,It will vigorously promote the construction of teachers by introducing high -level talents and self -cultivation,Further improve the level of teaching and research,Strive to build this college into a sociological teaching and research institution with its own characteristics and to have a certain reputation and influence in the country。